There is so much to love about Caledon, as a resident or a visitor: fresh air, countryside, wildlife, places to walk - cycle - fish - ride - eat - be in nature.

So the idea of an 700 acre mega-quarry in this area, with the attendant dust pollution, noise, and road-damaging gravel trucks, to name just a few concerns, is hard to imagine.

Please join us in our fight for the Heart of the Headwaters by signing our petition.

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I oppose the mega quarry proposed by Votorantim Cimentos/CBM St Mary’s in the Town of Caledon.

I join the Forks of the Credit Preservation Group (FCPG) in demanding that:

1. Caledon Town Council do everything in its power to stop the VC/CBM St Mary’s quarry.]

2. Sylvia Jones, Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP), request the proposed VC/CBM St Mary’s mega quarry be designated for an Environmental Assessment.

The Forks of the Credit are the Heart of the Headwaters region. Here, the Credit River joins together with the West Credit to pump life into the river valley and watershed that nourishes neighbourhoods through Caledon, Brampton and Mississauga.

The Forks of the Credit Park is a sanctuary to many diverse communities, providing tranquility to thousands of residents who call it home, refuge and recreation to children and families from the surrounding area, and vital habitat for fish, birds, turtles and amphibians. The Caledon Headwaters area offers visitors and residents peaceful places for fishing, cycling, and hiking, scenic parks that are accessible to all, renowned equestrian and golfing facilities, fertile farmland and popular pick-your-own adventures, a thriving arts community, and so much more.

VC/CBM St.Mary’s proposed mega quarry is an attack on the heart of the Headwaters. The 700 acre mega quarry would blast 80 feet below the water table and millions of litres of water from the aquifer would be forced into the Credit River, threatening local water supplies and decimating the river ecosystem. The mega quarry would destroy prime farmland and wildlife habitat, contributing to food insecurity and the loss of biodiversity. It would endanger Caledon’s local economy, which relies heavily on tourism and outdoor recreational activities. And it would negatively impact quality of life, contributing dangerous air pollution and out of control truck traffic.

11 active gravel pits form a 3000+ acre 'moonscape' that already encroaches upon the Forks of the Credit. There is no need for new gravel mining in Caledon!

I oppose the VC/CBM St Marys mega quarry proposal and call upon Mayor Annette Groves and MPP Sylvia Jones to Protect the Forks of the Credit, Heart of the Headwaters.

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