Demand A Moratorium Now!

We are part of the Reform Gravel Mining Coalition and we join them and other grassroots community groups in demanding a moratorium on all new approvals for gravel mining in Ontario, including interim orders and site plan amendments for mining below the water table or that increase licensed tonnages.

The purpose of a moratorium is to allow time to conduct a broad consultation process to chart a new path forward. The consultation must include Indigenous Nations, affected communities, independent experts and scientists. It is imperative that we: 

* Protect farmland, groundwater, and threatened species

* Increase the weight of local perspectives in land use planning

* Ensure long term supply of gravel, which is a finite resource

* Honour treaties with Indigenous Nations and obligations as prescribed in the Canadian Constitution and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

* Prevent greater climate chaos

Why is a moratorium essential now? This video says it all:

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