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the Caledon Mega Quarry

The permanent damage (ecocide) and social impacts of this mega quarry will be profound. Local residents will endure a tremendous loss in quality of life for the 50 year duration of the quarry, as well as those who come to enjoy the countryside from Toronto and surrounding regions. True rehabilitation of the depleted quarry is simply not possible. The project will leave a gaping wound on the surface of the earth for the next 10,000 years.

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Once again, the citizens of Caledon are under assault by the aggregate industry! CBM St. Marys, a Brazilian conglomerate,intends to apply to blast and excavate a massive quarry in the heart of Caledon. 


The environmental consequences of this blasting quarry will be devastating.  It will adversely affect local water quality and quantity, will reduce property values of  hundreds of homes and dramatically increase truck traffic in the region.  Noise, dust, blasting and dangerous fly rock will become significant health issues.


 Forks of the Credit Preservation Group is an incorporated, nonprofit organization of volunteers from the Caledon community. We are opposed to the impending application from St. Marys Cement for a blasting quarry in Caledon. This proposed mega quarry will be roughly 800 acres in size, 100 feet deep and will operate 12 hours a day/6 days a week for 50+ years. 

Simply put, our goal is to preserve the ecological integrity of Caledon by protecting our land, air and water.  

We rely entirely on private donations for funding and the volunteer efforts of concerned citizens like yourself.



Please Register your name today to support these efforts and have your voice heard.  The more people who register, the more effective our campaign will be.

We also appreciate any donations. We have hired legal and planning advice as well as experts in various disciplines to assist in the process.

We need and look forward to your help and participation in preserving our quality of life.

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