Working Together to Stop
the Caledon Quarry


Thank you for visiting this site and learning our story. 

We are a group of Caledon residents expressing our concerns for the health and well-being of the magnificent place we call home. Caledon is a beautiful area of rolling hills, forests, farmland, rivers and lakes. Located in the heart of Ontario’s Greenbelt, it is a destination for visitors looking for time in nature and pristine green spaces. 

We love this place…this oasis, this home to wildlife and endangered species. 

Following the Ice Age, when the glaciers melted, a vast aquifer was created and Caledon was blessed with natural resources. Springs, rivers and lakes were formed, creating habitats teeming with life. Deposits of gravel and limestone were left behind. 


A balance needs needs to be maintained between preserving the natural environment that sustains all forms of life and extracting the resources we require.


We need your help to ensure that this delicate balance is not jeopardized by a Brazilian conglomerate and their proposed quarry in the heart of Caledon. There are many gravel pits in the area, but there are currently no quarries. If approved, the project will use explosives to blast into the aquifer below the water table and pump the rising water into the sacred Missinnihe River, now called the Credit River. 

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Please support us to preserve Caledon for future generations.

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Please support us to preserve Caledon
for future generations.

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