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Votorantim Cimentos, owner of CBM St Marys, (referred to as VC/CBM St Marys) is a Brazilian conglomerate. They are proposing to blast and excavate a hole over 80 feet deep and below the water table. This quarry would be situated on 798 acres of forest and farmland in the heart of the Caledon Greenbelt and Greenlands System in Peel.

This blasting quarry will have a profound impact on the quality of life for thousands of local residents and visitors.  Water issues for the Credit River, loss of farmland, dust contamination, loss of ecological features, and increased truck traffic are some of the concerns that would affect all of us. When finally depleted, the Forks of the Credit will be left with a colossal gaping hole in the ground that will exist forever.​

Simply put, our goal is to preserve the ecological integrity of Caledon and protect the Heart of the Headwaters by stopping this proposed below the water table blasting quarry.

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The proposed area for VC/CBM St Marys’ below the water table blasting quarry is located in northwest Caledon and is bounded by:

  •  the Credit River (east)
  •  Cataract and Forks of the Credit Provincial Park(south)
  •  Mississauga Road (west)
  • Just below TPC Toronto/Osprey Valley Golf Course (north)

  • Covers 798 acres: approximately 2 square kilometres
  • Consists of farmland, 50 acres of woodland (over 60,000 trees), and isolated wetlands
  • Habitat for at least 5 species at risk

There is already a “moonscape” of pits in northwest Caledon, stretching from Heart Lake Road across (and down) Highway 10 to McLaren Side Road. 

  • 11 active sites
  • Over 3,000 acres
  • Total annual maximum licensed tonnes in excess of 15,000,000 tonnes
  • One of the largest concentrations of aggregate operations in Canada