At our May 2023 community meeting, we provided general information about what a quarry is and does, and how this particular quarry proposal would affect each of us, now and for decades to come. 

The full presentation can be seen here.


Quarry versus Pit: blasting, flyrock, air quality, noise

Below water = need dry workspace = water being pumped into the Credit River 

Water issues: turbidity and temperature for fish, loss of safe drinking water, cumulative effects

Size: huge! 798 acres, from Mississauga Road to Credit River, from Cataract up to just below Osprey Valley Golf Course, and 80 feet deep

Destruction of woodlands

Traffic: at peak times, 60 to 75 trucks per hour

Hours of operation: 23 hours a day, 6 days a week

Rehabilitation: actually 3 gigantic holes forever, filled with our drinking water exposed to contamination and evaporation