The proposed area for VC/CBM St Marys’ below the water table blasting quarry is located in northwest Caledon and is bounded by:

  •  the Credit River (east)
  •  Cataract and Forks of the Credit Provincial Park(south)
  •  Mississauga Road (west)
  • Just below TPC Toronto/Osprey Valley Golf Course (north)

  • Covers 798 acres: approximately 2 square kilometres
  • Consists of farmland, 50 acres of woodland (over 60,000 trees), and isolated wetlands
  • Habitat for at least 5 species at risk

There is already a “moonscape” of pits in northwest Caledon, stretching from Heart Lake Road across (and down) Highway 10 to McLaren Side Road. 

  • 11 active sites
  • Over 3,000 acres
  • Total annual maximum licensed tonnes in excess of 15,000,000 tonnes
  • One of the largest concentrations of aggregate operations in Canada