In 2022, FCPG engaged the services of Professional Planners to review the aggregate policies in the Town of Caledon’s Official Plan, with the following results:

"The results of this planning assessment are clear. While no municipality performed exceptionally well for overall aggregate policy strength, the Town of Caledon ranks the lowest out of all top aggregate producing municipalities in Ontario. Overall, concerning aggregate extraction, Caledon has a general lack of policy content and a highly permissive policy context, with minimal
description, tests, and terminology.

Local planning matters to communities. Highly permissive and weak policy contexts do not foster public confidence in municipal governance. Given increasing public concern for the climate, local planning processes need to demonstrate relevancy to today and offer higher standards of effectiveness and rigour to remain defensible. This report identifies a genuine policy gap that needs to be addressed prior to further municipal aggregate review."

Click here for the Briefing Note and here for the Full Report.